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A Continuation of the Denmark Vesey Rebellion Docu-Drama

Our Village Keepers in Washington, DC, aims to expand the PBS™ docu-drama film Denmark Vesey Rebellion into a three-hour series. It tells the story of Vesey's journey against African slavery. For us to be able to cater to millennials, we want to update the 93-minute presentation. We know that there are young people who would want to discover more about their heritage.

Film Tape

Ready for Filming

Our company has content ready for filming. We are currently looking for agencies who want to distribute, publish, or air our documentary. All information consists of verified historical facts; we do not want to misinform the public and cultivate wrong ideas or beliefs. However, we want to correct or amend your knowledge of history by allowing you to question what has been told in books. We want to promote critical thinking and provide answers to any gray area.

Co-Creation of Content

If you want to co-create content for future releases or academic purposes, let us know. Two teams working together can make one beautiful production that can attract the right audience.

A Wide Spectrum of Platforms

Our company has collectively 100 years of industry experience. We are able to develop content for a variety of media platforms, including online streaming avenues.