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Film Content

Our Village Keepers aims to create content that can make the African-American people proud. We start by expanding the docu-drama Denmark Vesey Rebellion into a three-hour series that will run for three weeks. Through this, we can show history to the new generation in a different light. 

Film Content

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Our Village Keepers is a film production company based in Washington, DC. We create content for TV and film that focuses on African-American history from the 1700s to the present. Our goal is to present past events in a more interesting manner for the modern-day generation. We want viewers to enjoy discovering about the little known facts in history.

Since the movie and television industry is cluttered with the same content, we are here to bring a fresher take on history. With more than 1,000 hours' worth of our licensed content developed, you no longer have to rehash old plots to air something new for the public.

African-American history is a rich topic not only for their descendants but for other races as well. It is always fun to learn something new and the best way to unearth the past is through a visually appealing film or documentary.

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